experience sit-down showering the way it should be!
Your shower should be amazing, everyday! Introducing the new standard, Aucuro’s Dynamic Shower Holder
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Finally a showering system designed specifically for sit-down showering! Aucuro's Dynamic Shower Holder is a dedicated Patent Pending design, that provides a significantly superior shower experience, allowing for handsfree full body showering in a seated position. It works by moving a hand-held shower head via a telescopic arm, allowing you to pivot or extend the shower head wherever you need it, providing a relaxing showering experience.

Aucuro Walking Stick
A Walking Stick to be Proud of!
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The Aucuro Walking Stick combines traditional craftmanship with the latest manufacturing technology. It has an uncompromised aesthetic by using a hidden pin lock system with 8 levels of height adjustment and features a finely crafted walnut handle with an advanced aircraft grade aluminium shaft.

Aucuro Dynamic Shower holder honoured to receive a prestigious Good Design award Gold!!!

The Good Design Awards Jury commented: “The jury was impressed by the depth of the research, and the resulting insights and solutions. This system significantly improves the autonomy and dignity of the primary users while successfully addressing the issues faced by carers. It looks great, is nicely detailed, and well resolved. The jurors applaud the design team for creating such a great product.”

Finally we had a chance to meet face to face at the atsa tradeshow in sydney!
South Australian customers

The Aucuro Dynamic Shower Holder is on display and for sale at the brilliant new NovitaTech retail showroom! It has over 1,000 products, all designed to support people to live more independently.

Where: NovitaTech Store - 31Manton Street, Hindmarsh, Adelaide

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We are offering a free 30 day trial service for Occupational Therapists and Healthcare professionals with a registered business, so their clients can trial the Aucuro Dynamic Shower Holder to ensure it meets their needs prior to purchase. If you are an end user or healthcare professional please click the sign up button below to register for a trial.

This is a free service no down payment or credit card details required - return postage is included.
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