Aucuro’s Dynamic Showerhead Holder
Aucuro’s Dynamic Showerhead Holder
Aucuro’s Dynamic Showerhead Holder
Aucuro’s Dynamic Showerhead Holder
Aucuro’s Dynamic Showerhead Holder
Aucuro’s Dynamic Showerhead Holder

Aucuro’s Dynamic Showerhead Holder

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If you or someone you care for struggles with the limitations and frustrations of sit-down showering, the Aucuro Dynamic Shower Holder is here to change that. Our patent-pending design provides a superior showering experience, allowing for hands-free full body showering in a seated position. It works by moving a hand-held shower head via a telescopic arm, allowing you to pivot or extend the shower head wherever you need it, giving you back the independence and autonomy you deserve in the bathroom.


• Relaxing Experience

• Shower Handsfree

• Showering Independence

• Quicker Showering

• Support Worker Assist - Ease the back strain of showering multiple people

• For Home and Professional Use

• Constructed from Strong Aircraft Grade Aluminium

• Simple and quick installation

• Attaches to any existing 32mm (1 ¼ inch) diameter vertical grab rail

• Use your existing showerhead and hose

• Showerhead is easily removed from the holder during showering for conventional use.

• Compliance - AS EN 12182:2015 - Assistive products for persons with disability - General requirements and test methods

Most sit-down showering solutions on the market are static shower holders that were never intended for constant adjustment and have limited range of movement for seated users.

The Aucuro Dynamic Shower Holder addresses these common frustrations and more:

1. No need to hold the shower head above your head for long periods of time.
2. Easily reach the shower head and holder.
3. Ability to get close enough to sit under the shower head while using a shower commode chair.
4. Flexibility to move in and out of the water flow while seated.

Height adjustable

Height adjustable clamping system attaches to any standard 32mm (1¼ Inch) vertical grab rail

Professional facilities

The Aucuro Dynamic Shower Holder - lightens the daily workload of Support Workers and Healthcare Professionals by reducing the risk of back strain from showering multiple people, allowing for hands-free washing and better control over the water flow.
Many people will be able to shower themselves with the Aucuro Dynamic Shower Holder, freeing up Support Workers to perform other tasks while the client enjoys an independent relaxing shower!

safety adapter

The safety adapter locks the shower head to the holder so that it doesn't accidentally fall off during use.You can remove it by pressing the red release button for hand held conventional use

Press the red release button

Showerhead can be removed for conventional hand-held use

Safety adapter fitment

The safety adapter simply screws to your existing shower head and hose.

Safety Child Lock

Push pin locks the plunger onto grab rail if the clamping knob is accidentally removed, preventing the device from falling off.

Adapter fits into any standard rail holder

For family members who stand to shower - the shower head can attach to any standard rail holder

In the box

All items included in the box:

- Dynamic Telescopic Arm

- Safety Adapter

- Hex Key

- Height Adjustable Clamp Knob

- Plunger to suit 32mm Grab Rail

Maintaining showering independence is extremely important to most people, showering is more than just getting clean, it's a time of relaxation and one of the few times without distraction or interruption. However being bathed by a nurse or Support Worker diminishes these aspects and can be very confronting for some people.

Aucuro aims to rectify this by providing the most independent method of sit-down showering. It’s sometimes overlooked that “over one-third (37.4%) of primary carers have a disability themselves", so even small changes that lead to greater independence, can make a large difference.

Limited time offer
We are offering a free 30 day trial service for Occupational Therapists and Healthcare professionals with a registered business, so their clients can trial the Aucuro Dynamic Shower Holder to ensure it meets their needs prior to purchase. If you are an end user or healthcare professional please click the sign up button below to register for a trial.

This is a free service no down payment or credit card details required - return postage is included.
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Aucuro Dynamic Shower holder honoured to receive a prestigious Good Design award Gold!!!

The Good Design Awards Jury commented: “The jury was impressed by the depth of the research, and the resulting insights and solutions. This system significantly improves the autonomy and dignity of the primary users while successfully addressing the issues faced by carers. It looks great, is nicely detailed, and well resolved. The jurors applaud the design team for creating such a great product.”


Handsfree sit down showering - Hand-held shower heads are great, however they force you to wash yourself one handed making the process unpleasant, ineffective and slow. Lathering up out of the water stream gives you more time to wash yourself – With Aucuro’s Dynamic Shower Holder simply re-position the flow by pivoting or extending the telescopic holder, where you need it, when you need it

Showering Independence - Juggling a hand-held shower can be tiring and often leads to people requiring a Support Worker - Aucuro provides an effortless method of moving the shower head around eliminating or reducing the need for assistance

Relaxing Experience - Most importantly it provides you with a pleasant and enjoyable sit-down showering experience

Support Worker Assist - Reduces back and shoulder strain – In a nursing home where staff are showering multiple people, it can be tiring holding hand-held shower heads, Aucuro’s dynamic shower holder makes showering multiple people less tiring and more efficient

Hand-held use - The shower head can be removed from the holder for conventional hand held use

Fast Showering - When you’re in a rush - Aucuro’s Dynamic Shower Holder is the most efficient way to shower sitting down

Effortless Installation - Clamps to any existing 32mm (1 ¼ inch) diameter vertical grab rail. You can attach your existing hand-held shower and hose

Compatible with standard overhead holders - The shower head can be inserted into any standard shower holder for standing users

Premium Materials - Made from aircraft grade aluminium, for maximum strength in demanding environments. All plastic components are machined from advanced engineering grade polymers for ultimate sliding performance. The whole device can be immersed and washed in water with mild detergent.

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